Which is worse – public speaking or..spiders?

Which is Worse – Public Speaking…or Spiders? When I was a primary school student, (and that was more than 3 decades ago mind you!), education in Singapore was quite different from what it is now. For one, we actually have actual results and scores in our report book, even at primary 1. There were grades. […]

Holiday Program & Excursions

Holiday Program & Excursions As with all holidays, most parents will be stretching their brain cells to come up with programmes to entertain their children. For students at our student care centres, it is one less headache for the parents as we take on this task for them. Here is a recap of our very […]

Going paperless!

Our App It’s not new and we’re definitely not the first, but still better late than never! We have officially launched our app so that parents of our student care kids can get photos and notices via the app as opposed to hard copies. It’s our small effort to go environmental friendly and cut down […]

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Primary 1

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Primary 1 Now that the Primary 1 registration is almost over, are you also thinking about how you could help your child enter Primary 1 better prepared? What should your child know before entering primary 1? We have a list for items for you! This is by no […]

6 Reasons why you should send your child to our Music Integrated Student Care program

6 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child to Our Music Integrated Student Care Program 1. Flexibility to explore different instruments – piano, drums, ukelele, drums, violin Fickle-mindedness, though not often encouraged, is nonetheless common amongst young children. This program gives your child the flexibility to try other musical instruments at no additional costs. Say […]