Our team of professional tutors is helmed by Dr. A, our in-house PhD holder full-time tutor with 17 years of teaching experience as a full-time private tutor in science and math subjects. Holding a PhD in Physics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Dr. A was also a lecturer in Temasek Polytechnic, MDIS, and American College. With past and present students from VJC, RI, HCI, Yishun Secondary, RVHS and many more, Dr. A has amassed a wealth of experience in tutoring both local students for the A Levels, O Levels, IP and IB programmes, as well as international students for the IGCSE, SAT and AP preparation programmes.


“Dr. A is a great tutor who always wishes the best for his students. He taught me useful tips and tricks that I should know and always guides me towards the correct direction whenever I need help. He always tries to keep me motivated and encourages me to always try my best. In just a few months, my Physics grade jumped from a U to B, and I am really grateful to have him as a tutor.”

    • Hui Shan, VJC, A Levels H2 Physics

“With Dr. A’s patience, guidance and immense effort, I have developed a passion towards Chemistry, which I previously considered my weakest subject. It would always take me a while to grasp certain concepts but with Dr. A’s help and patience, I was able to understand certain concepts better. Due to Dr. A’s experience, he is able to cater every lesson so that it closely follows my school syllabus and ensures that I am on track with my school tutorials. With his engaging and interactive teaching style, Dr. A is able to constantly keep me focused in order to enhance my learning experience.”

    • Ankita, RJC, A Levels H2 Chemistry

“Through his teachings, l’ve managed to understand the complex concepts very clearly, and am able to solve and apply my understanding to new questions with similar concepts. Under his guidance, I’ve managed to gain confidence in my knowledge of the concepts. His teachings are very clear and concise. Under him, I’ve managed to attain A’s in my sciences. 100% recommend!!”

    • Iffah, TKGS, O Levels Pure Physics and Pure Chemistry

“I joined Dr. A’s tuition at the end of Secondary 2. At that time, my grades for science were F9. However, after attending Dr. A’s tuition sessions for about 3 months, my grades for combined science (Chem, Physics) improved significantly to a C5. With the help of Dr. A, I eventually managed to push my grades and achieved a B3 at the end of Secondary 3.

Dr. A is a dedicated teacher who provides tremendous support for his students. He encourages his students to ask questions and pushes them to go further. His teaching methods are very easy to follow, and he makes confusing concepts easy to understand. He is also very patient, and even repeats himself if students do not understand a certain concept. On top of that, he always makes his students laugh with his jokes. Overall, lessons are enjoyable and effective, and he not only prepares us for exams, but for our futures as well.”

    • Nurul, Bedok South Secondary School, O Levels Combined Physics and Combined Chemistry

“Dr. A is an extremely supportive and caring tutor who helped me improve greatly in one of my weakest subjects. He was quickly able to pinpoint my mistakes and came up with many effective strategies, like making personalised formula sheets, to overcome them. He has been an incredible tutor, who encouraged me whenever I felt low.”

    • Shreya, Yishun Secondary School, O Levels Additional Maths

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