Words from happy parents & students

Damien – Stamford Scholars @ Marsiling (8 Nov 2019)

Happy words from our parent at Stamford Scholars @ Marsiling. Damien (Primary 4) is dyslexic. His results for English and Science improved tremendously after joining us in Jan 2019. He is currently taking student care tuition with us for these two subjects under Teacher Jay, a ex-NIE teacher who has 20 years of experience teaching in primary school.
We are really happy for him!

Grace – Stamford Scholars @ AMK

“Grace made huge progress after she joined Stamford Scholars. Her results improved dramatically. This year, she received the Raffles Institution Scholarship. Only 2 students in the whole school received this. She also has received DSA to Raffles Girls’ School. I’m very grateful to the teachers and staff of Stamford Scholars, for helping her achieve such academic excellence. Besides that, she loves going student care very much and looks forward to going there every day. I’m very pleased she is doing well and is very happy.

Would strongly recommend Stamford Scholars to all parents who are looking for a student care for your child. The student care has a conducive and welcoming environment that makes students comfortable in. The student number is small, hence there’s ample attention for every child, unlike other student care centre which has 50-100 students. I signed her up for the tuition classes as I know the classes will be kept small. Everyone is happy. It’s like a happy family.” – Grace’s mother (Stamford Scholars @ AMK)


Seth – Stamford Scholars @ AMK

“Morning Marissa… Seth would be receiving an award this sun frm his last year results. Have already sent a thank you msg to the teachers for the effort in teaching n guiding Seth :)” – Joyce (Stamford Scholars @ AMK)

Seth’s Edusave Awards Presentation Letter (Feb 2019)

Yu Xing – Stamford Scholars @ Marsiling

“Hello Mr Tan, I have good new to tell you. I’m in the top 10% of my cohort in school. My results improved and I received the Edusave scholarship of $350!” – Yu Xing, P6 student (Stamford Scholars @ Marsiling)

Yu Xing’s PSLE Results (2018)
Yu Xing’s Edusave Awards Presentation Letter (Nov 2018)

Rishi – Stamford Scholars @ Bishan

“Hello Mr James, Rishi’s score is 250. Thank you very much. Teacher Tripti is a good teacher. We are happy that my kids are your students. Thank you once again.” – Rishi’s mum (Stamford Scholars @ Bishan)

Words from a happy parent (Stamford Scholars @ Bishan)
Kristen’s Edusave Certificate (2018)

Lucas – Stamford Scholars @ AMK

Lucas, at his Edusave Presentation Ceremony (Stamford Scholars @ AMK) (Feb 2019)
Lucas & family

Ronald – Stamford Scholars @ AMK

Ronald & Mum

“My son joined Stamford Scholars (Ang Mo Kio) in January, 2019. He made tremendous improvements in his Chinese spellings! Thank you for the effort, Stamford teachers!” – Ronald’s Mum (Stamford Scholars @ AMK)

Jun Loong – Stamford Scholars @ AMK

Jun Loong

Stella – Stamford Scholars @ AMK

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