FAQs on Student Care Program

Is there nap time?

We do not allocate a fixed timing for nap time but if your child would like to nap, we have mats available for them to nap separately. Please let us know if you wish for us to allocate a time for them to nap every day.

Will the teachers guide the students in their school home work and spellings etc?

Yes, they will.

What will the students do if they have no homework during homework supervision period?

In house assessment books will be given to the students to complete if they have no home work/tests/spellings etc.

What is the difference between tuition and homework supervision?

Tuition is a 1.5 hours personalised session per week, conducted in small groups of 1 – 6 pax. As the class size is much smaller, teachers are able to customise worksheets and lesson plans catered to the student’s capacity and work on the weaknesses. Homework supervision involves guidance in the day to day homework given by the school.

Are meals provided?

Yes, lunch and tea snacks are provided.

Where are the meals from?

They are cooked in house by our cook or catered from a NEA licensed caterer.

What are the student care operating hours?

1pm to 7pm.

On special days like PSLE marking days or when the school is dismissed earlier due to festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year, National Day, are you open for the students to come?

Yes, on these days, we are opened from the time the students are dismissed or full day from 7am to 7pm.

What are your operating hours during school holidays?

7am to 7pm.

I will be going overseas in Dec. Are the fees still chargeable?

Yes, student fees are chargeable every month regardless of your attendance.

Are there any extra charges during holidays?

Yes, we charge an additional $5/day if your child comes before 1pm. This will be collated at the end of the month and billed to you the following month.

Do you pick up my child after his/her CCA, for eg. at 4pm?

We can pick up only if your child’s primary school is within walking distance from the centre. Please check with us.

Do you pick up my child from his/her school?

We have a list of schools that we pick up from, either by foot or by bus. Please check with us if you cannot find your child’s primary school on the list.

Do you have transport from your centres to home after student care ends (7pm)?

Unfortunately, no.

What is your teacher to student ratio?

1 teacher to 10-15 students.

Will my child be given any leisure time to rest and relax?

Yes, typically after 4pm or when they have completed all their school work and revision for tests / spellings etc.

What will my child do during holidays?

Tuition classes and completion of school work continues during school holidays. We also have holiday programmes and excursions during holidays. Read here to find out more about what we did in 2018.