Dear parents,

Thank you for your interest in Stamford Scholars. We are founded on a very simple belief – that every child should be given an opportunity to excel and achieve great things in life. Our vision, From Ordinary to Extraordinary, is borned out of that simple belief.

We hope to bring out the best in every child and help him/her to excel in school before going on to achieve extraordinary successes in life.

As a group of passionate educators, our mission is to provide quality yet affordable tuition and enrichment programmes to allow our students to excel in school as well as to develop useful life-long skills.

Our dedicated teachers bring with them a treasure trove of teaching experiences underpinned by our company’s proven teaching methodologies, tried and tested learning frameworks and comprehensive database of study notes, worksheets and exam papers, all set in conductive, nurturing and fun-filled learning environment. Above all, our teachers are guided by deep passion for teaching and a natural love for children.

We look forward to your support and feedback, and I am confident that Stamford Scholars will be able to deliver the best education to your child for a strong head start in life.

Terrence Tan
Managing Director

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