Ace Your Maths With Abacus

Faster than a calculator, not only does abacus gift young learners the opportunity to shine in the language of maths from a really young age, but it also provides a solid foundation for learning the language of maths in primary school.

Benefits of Abacus:
  • Boosts better and faster calculation skills.
  • Increases endurance for stress and pressure.
  • Improves problem-solving abilities.
  • Teaches clearer logical reasoning.
  • Sharpens concentration and observance.
  • Develops confidence and self-esteem.
  • Heightens stronger mental visualisation skills.
  • Enhances photographic memory.
  • Sharpens listening skills.
  • Makes mathematics meaningful, useful and fun.
  • Provides a solid learning foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Increases memory power and sharpens overall mental formation.

珠心算能同时对幼儿的视觉 听觉 触觉
其运作原理即为 植入
➡运算 ➡组合 ➡储存 ➡输出五个步骤。


Abacus at Bedok North – Program Details:

  • Suitable for: 5 – 12 years old
  • Location: 537 Bedok North St 3 #01-533
  • Class schedule:
    • Tuesdays 630 – 8PM
    • Saturdays 930 – 11am (New class!), 11 – 1230PM
  • Program fees: $200 for 8 classes
  • Classes are held once a week
  • Drop us a message here to find out more.

abacus at bedok north

abacus at bedok north

Many of our student are awarded the
Certificate of Award by the International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic and Mathematics Test Committee

abacus at bedok north

abacus at bedok north

Students hard at work during class

abacus at bedok north

Students vs parents in a competition to see who can do the sums faster and more accurately!


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