About the programme

This programme is an initiative by Stamford Scholars and Citystate Group. We aim to provide financial assistance to students of low-income families who require academic help. The fees for tuition classes for our student care students conducted within Stamford Scholars will be partially subsidised for families who meet the eligibility criteria.

These subsidies are generously sponsored by Citystate Group.

At this moment, this programme is only opened to our current students care students.


For the development of this programme, we follow closely to the guidelines of the Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA) scheme set by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

We can help if:

a. both parents are working at least 56 hours per month. If either parent/legal guardian is not working at least 56 hours per month, he or she needs to have valid reasons with documentary proof. Valid reasons can include looking for work, medical leave, incarceration, being a certified full-time caregiver for a dependent, etc.

b. the total gross monthly household income is $6,000 or less, or the total gross monthly household per capita income is $1,500 or less;

c. your child attends one of Stamford Scholars student care centres

d. foreigners may apply

e. exceptional cases may be considered on a case by case basis

Amount of tuition subsidy

How to apply:

Complete the application form and submit the supporting documents to the respective centre supervisor or email to info@stamfordscholars.com.

Download programme information sheet

Download application form or fill up the online form.

Download supporting documents checklist.

For more information, please approach the respective centres in charge or send us an enquiry.

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