About the Program

Our Jurong East centre is in collaboration with an established Chinese tuition centre. The student care program in this centre will include free weekly Chinese tuition taught by experienced NIE-trained and professional teachers from various reputable universities in China and Taiwan. Their track records in the MOE schools or other centres allow them to fully prepare our students to exceed the stringent requirements of the National Examinations standards.

Our teachers are professionally trained and committed to inspire our students with dynamic and creative approaches to learning the Chinese language.

Profiles of Chinese tuition teachers:
Teacher H

Teacher H started her teaching career in a Secondary School in China 10 years ago. She continued her teaching in Singapore and also pursued her Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as an international Language at NTU.

She was involved in the deisng of the teaching program in Nan Chiau Primary School and Sembawang Secondary School. She was also an assistant research staff from NIE.

Teacher H has great passion in teaching and her class is always enjoyable.

Teacher Z

Teacher Z graduated from South China University of Technology with a Masters Degree of Natural Science in Analytical Chemistry. She specialised in her field of expertise for 2 years before coming to Singapore to pursue her career as a Mandarin Teacher. She loves children and teaching. She is passionate about imparting the Chinese histroy and culture to children.

Teacher G

Teacher G graduated from Hefei Normal University, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature. She started her teaching career as a Mandarin teacher in Wuxi, China. She developed strong interest in teaching. She is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and inculcates a love of the Chinese language with her students.

More information regarding our centre can be found here.

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