From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Stamford Scholars is a One-Stop education provider, founded with the mission to provide quality yet affordable tuition and enrichment programs to allow children to excel in school, develop useful life-long skills and prepare them for future success in life.

We run three core programs: Tuition, Pre-School Enrichment & Student Care.

Why Choose Stamford Scholars?

√ Dedicated group of MOE-trained, experienced tutors & qualified early childhood educators to bring out the best in every child

√ Tried and tested ACETM and STARTM learning methodology for most effective learning

√ Proprietary and comprehensive database of study materials, worksheets and exam papers, enabling teachers to customise to individual ability and learning aptitude

√ Proprietary CambridgeTM  and EdutotsTM pre-school enrichment program targeted at building a strong foundation for children during formative years, and preparing them well for school

√ Small group learning (not more than 6 per class) for maximum learning and optimal teacher-student ratio

Read what our MD has to say here.

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