Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Primary 1

Now that the Primary 1 registration is almost over, are you also thinking about how you could help your child enter Primary 1 better prepared?

What should your child know before entering primary 1?

We have a list for items for you! This is by no means comprehensive, but feedback from parents who have been through it all.

  1. English
    • Write name and date
    • Basic sight words recognition
    • Writing basic words
    • Learn more about the MOE syllabus here.
  2. Chinese
    • Write name and date
    • Basic hanyupinyin
    • Writing basic words
    • Basic words recognition
  3. Math
    • Addition and subtraction 1 – 20
    • Write words 1 to 20, eg one, eleven, twenty.
    • Know shapes
  4. Show and Tell
    • Speak confidently
Honing their writing skills
Soft Skills
  1. Count money in order to buy food during recess
  2. Be able to focus in class
  3. Take instructions well
  4. Use toilet independently
  5. Tell the time
  6. Queue and take turns
  7. Emotional Management – being able to speak up when being bullied or encounter issues
  8. Look after own belongings
  9. Basic fine motor skills like using scissors to cut
Preschool Kindergarten 2 students
Preschool students learn about time.


While we are busy ushering our kids to enrichment classes to ensure they will not lose out in the academic race, let’s not forget about the soft skills.

Having a confident and disciplined child might in fact be more important than being able to read fluently.

After all, a diligent child will in turn do better academically.


preschool at marsiling
Happy kids!

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